Outdoor Küche

Regeln & Informationen

-> Costs

Amount for using the outdoor kitchen  = € 39,00 flat rate. Special rates for up to 3 people. A reservation is mandatory. Use without a reservation is NOT permitted. The costs are charged to the room.

-> Cleaning & Garbage

The outdoor kitchen and grill MUST be cleaned after use. Cleaning supplies can be found in the drawer under the grill. In the event of non-compliance, costs of € 200 will be charged. Please dispose of your rubbish in the rubbish station in the inner courtyard.

-> Spices & Equipment

Spices, aprons and equipment can be found in the drawer under the grill. Please return all items cleaned to the store.

-> Cutlery & crockery

Please use all items from your apartment and take these items with you.

-> Service

  1. To start, turn on the gas bottle. ( button above ) You will find the bottle in the left part of the kitchen.
  2. Light the individual fuel rods you need for your food. ( Push & Turn )
  3. After use, turn back all fuel rods. ( Blue = switched off, Red = switched on )
  4. !!! IMPORTANT: Turn off the gas after use. !!!

-> Reservation

Please reserve the outdoor kitchen directly with me via WhatsApp. You can find the button on the bottom right.

Warm greetings